Σάββατο 21 Ιουνίου 2014

Dream of big things – Clean and Simple Prima

Hello again! Lately as you may have noticed, my style is a bit different. I can’t really say what it is turning into because even I don’t know yet. I fell that all this mixed media madness is not my thing. I enjoy getting my fingers dirty once in a while, but with 3 kids in the house and a full time job, time is scarce. And kids make so many memories so fast that my current scrapbooking style cannot keep up with, lol! Plus the photos of my boys are always bright colored, on the move and full of toys and soccer balls. I can’t really see myself putting a bunch of flowers next to these anymore. And please, if someone knows how to constrain two toddlers in order to get decent portrait photos, please please let me know!

While experimenting with different styles I thought it was time to dig out my long forgotten but favorite Prima” Wishes and Dreams” collection. I decided to go for a clean and simple style with this one, although I use Prima products. And I also scrapped a past photo of my older boy, I have tons of those. I was so inspired by the CartoScrap June challenge sketch that this layout was realized very quickly and I loved that! I can’t keep up with my photos, lol!

photo 4

photo 5

What do you think? Can Prima and clean and simple style co-exist? I will definitely try it again!


Παρασκευή 20 Ιουνίου 2014

Love 2 watch u grow – June OUAS challenge

Hello everyone! Busy busy month this June! A few days ago my little sweetie was baptized and his name is now Pavlos – Chistophoros (Paul-Christopher). A couple of days after the baptism, I managed to make 3 layouts. This is the first, using the beautiful Dear Lizzy Neapolitan papers. I was inspired by the OUAS June challenge, Nadia’s great sketch and the quote “the best things in life aren’t things”. I made a layout about my sweet boy Pavlos (yet again). This photo was taken when he was 9 days old, a couple of days after he exited the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. I missed him so much during all the NICU days, that I stared at him all day long when I took him home. Thus the “I love to watch you grow” title. :)

photo 5

A close up

photo 4


Πέμπτη 5 Ιουνίου 2014

Keep Calm & play on – Prima June PPP and Sketch n Scrap

Hello! This is a post about my sweet boy Pavlos (again) and our first trip to the zoo. Pavlos is a bit attached to mommy (and vice versa) so his stroller is still facing backwards. When he was 10 months old we went to the zoo and I thought it was a good opporunity to turn the stroller around so that Pavlos could observe the animals. I was wrong though, my sweetie was far too nervous not facing mommy that quickly afterwards I turned the stroller back to its original position. My baby then enjoyed our walk and most of all the swings at the end of the zoo! So, when I saw the “Keep calm and plan on” card from the Something blue collection, I knew I had to scrap our fisrt unsuccessful attempt, I only had to change to word plan into play.

My page

keep calm


This is Prima June PPP



And this is the lovely sketch from Sketch n Scrap that inspired me

sketch _58


Κυριακή 1 Ιουνίου 2014

Remember this – 7 dots studio challenge

Hello everyone! I am back (3rd post of the day!!!!!) with a layout of my youngest son. I know he is getting all the attention but he is my sweetie pie and I love him so! I have been blessed with three beautiful and healthy children and I am so thankful for that.

Illumination has turned out to be a favorite collection for me. As soon as I saw the sticker sheet, I knew I had to do something with all the sayings  and advice written so artisticly on chalkboard paper. And the current 7 dots callenge gave me that opportunity. This month theme is Natural beauty and this is the moodboard


My precious Pavlos is the most handsome boy in the world to my eyes (and he looks like mommy, teehee) but I wish for him to have a happy life and not only to rely on his looks. So here is my page

photo 2

I know it is not 7 dots material but I loved the outcome. I used my watercolors to mimic the sublte purple and yellow of the collection’s colors, matted my photo on some of the papers and then glued some of the stickers as advice to my son. The wood venner stars was a necessary embellishment for the little star of my life.

A close up

photo 12

I would really love to hear your feedback on this page!


Καρτα γενεθλιων

Γεια και παλι! Σήμερα θα σας δειξω μια πολύ ροζ καρτα γενεθλιων για μια μικρή κυρια. Εχω πηξει με τα αγορια και εχθες το βραδυ εβγαλα το αχτι μου! :)

Η καρτα αυτη ειναι μια παντελως αποτυχημενη προσπαθεια scraplift της εκπληκτικης Olga Vasilieva. :/




Ελπιζω μονο να αρεσε στην παραλήπτρια!



Scraps n Pieces June challenge

Γεια σε ολους και καλό μηνα!
Αυτο το μηνα εχουμε μια νεα υπεροχη πρόκληση στο Scraps n Pieces. Ελάτε να παιξουμε!

Η πρόκληση του Ιουνίου έχει θέμα:

My favourite...

Δημιουργήστε λοιπόν με έμπνευση κάτι αγαπημένο... το αγαπημένο σας χρώμα, ρούχο, φαγητό, άνθρωπο... ότι εσείς επιλέξετε!

Φτιάχνετε ότι θέλετε όπως πάντα, είτε σύνθεση, κάρτα, art journal σελίδα,
mixed media καμβά, altered item...

Επειδή στο κροπ συζητούσαμε με κοπέλες νέες στο άθλημα του scrapbooking, οι οποίεες μας είπαν πόσο τους βοηθάνε στα σκετς, σας δίνουμε ένα σκετς της Μελένιας για όσες θέλουν να το χρησιμοποιήσουν και τις βοηθάει να έχουν έναν "οδηγό".

Μπορείτε να ανεβάσετε τη δημιουργία σας έως την 25η Ιουνίου

και οι νικήτριες θα ανακοινωθούν την 28η Ιουνίου

Θα ανακοινωθούν δύο νικήτριες!

Η νικήτρια που θα επιλεγεί με ψηφοφορία από το DT, 
θα προσκληθεί να συμμετάσχει ως Guest Designer στην πρόκληση του Ιουλίου.

Και η δεύτερη νικήτρια που θα αναδειχτεί
με τυχαία κλήρωση ανάμεσα σε όλες τις συμμετέχουσες, θα κερδίσει

ένα υπέροχο δώρο από το

Παρακαλούμε να ρίξετε μια ματιά στη σελίδα των κανόνων συμμετοχής
Αυτο το μηνα η κορη μου μου ζητησε να της φτιαξω ενα λευκωμα για να κρατησει ζωντανες τις αναμνησεις του δημοτικου. Σε αυτο το λευκωμα οι συμμαθητες της θα απαντουν σε ερωτησεις όχι τυπου "τι εστι φιλι" (για οσους ειναι της εποχης μου) αλλα "Ποιος ειναι ο αγαπημενος σου τραγουδιστης, τι avatar εχεις στο Skype" (Ναι ναι μεγαλώσαμε πολυ΄εμεις)
Σημερα θα σας δειξω το εξωφυλλο και σε επομενη αναρτηση θα δειτε ολο το εσωτερικό με σελίδες για φωτος.
Περαστε απο το μπλογκ για να δειτε τις φανταστικες συνθεσεις της υπολοιπης σχεδιαστικής ομαδας!
Σας περιμενουμε να παιξουμε παρεα!